Mr Teal's cousin - costumed bear (not a toy)
Mr Teal's cousin - costumed bear (not a toy)
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Mr Teal's cousin - costumed bear (not a toy)

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The dapper Mr Teal is always admired at events and it was suggested that a range of similarly attired bears could be sold.

They take a long time to create so will only appear at irregular intervals and will always be unique, one of a kind individuals.

The first of these is called 'Mr Teal's Highland Cousin' and is attired in full Highland steampunk dress - a purple/grey tartan kilt (complete with sporran), a white Highland dress shirt with frilly neck piece, handmade goggles and a top hat with purple/grey tartan hat band and feather flourish. Only one like this will ever exist...

Each item of costume is hand made and specific to this particular bear.

The bears are purchased individually and are all new.

Please note these bears are not toys and are not to be given to children.

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