• Quirky things created by hand

Quirky things created by hand

Ginger & Teal update - 7th May 2020

Hope you are all staying safe and keeping your distance during this challenging time.

Ginger & Teal is very much working hard to continue to create quirky things for you.  I work from home and it is easy for me to remain isolated while doing so although obviously I am taking all precautions as well.

New things are being added to the website regularly so please keep checking back for updates.  This week I have added three one of a kind hand embellished denim jackets along with some other rarities including a range of head dresses you might want to tuck away in readiness for a festival once all this is over! Check the drop down Collections menu from the home page and see what you can discover.

I very  much want to help protect our key postal workers but also need to keep my business running as best I can.  To try to do this, I have decided to post out  orders only once a week when I go out for my Essentials shop.  This is likely to be on a Wednesday.  Please rest assured I very much value your custom and small businesses like this need all the support we can get right now.

Please also be aware that it is likely that there will be only limited Feather products made in the next few months as the supply chain is completely interrupted and I cannot source new feathers at this time (I tried a month ago and the delivery has not arrived).   Everything shown on the website is in stock now and ready to be sent out.  

Stay safe out there and thank you for your interest in Ginger & Teal.