Ginger & Teal millinery is high quality, entirely hand made and consists of both bespoke and ready to wear pieces.  Made using couture techniques, almost entirely hand stitched, each design in the Made to Order range can be personalised to co-ordinate with your outfit and therefore will guarantee no one else will appear in the same hat at the same event.  This approach is also a great way to include keepsakes from relatives or friends who are no longer with us as family pieces can be incorporated into the designs right from the start.

The Ready to Wear pieces shown in the Shop are all one off pieces, no duplicates will ever be created.  These often incorporate elements of upcycling, either just the trims (including jewellery and feathers) or indeed the full base hats that have been used in previous creations - the very opposite of fast fashion in fact. 

This approach of upcycling can also be used if you have an existing hat that you would like updating or remodelling as many can be re-shaped, re-trimmed and afterwards appear to be an entirely new creation.  Email us for further details.