About Ginger & Teal

Ginger & Teal produces limited edition ready to wear and bespoke millinery, clothing, jewellery and accessories that incorporate as much as possible by way of materials that are upcycled or saved from landfill.

The company has grown from a love of creating well crafted hand made items, a life-long obsession with textiles and jewellery, a hatred of seeing things going to waste and a lot of time spent working with performing arts companies in various jobs.  The chance discovery of steampunk as a genre, style and inspiration at just the right moment in time brought all of these together alongside long term interests in science, history and science fiction and formed the basis for Ginger & Teal. 

Materials are often sourced from places like the Borders Scrapstore in Selkirk or re:Make Scotland in Crieff  as well as a range of other places which divert things from landfill.  It can also be possible to include previously loved items owned by the client into new pieces during the process of developing a commission.

Joscelyn Ginger is a steampunk creator, having discovered the steampunk genre after taking redundancy from her previous existence in a highly stressful 'proper' job.  She has found her tribe in the steampunk community and thoroughly enjoys the challenges of making things from a range of up cycled materials including Scottish tweeds, reclaimed fabrics and leather and re-purposed jewellery.

Mr Teal is the silent member of the partnership.  Always on duty at events, keeping a watchful eye over the stock and relishing the many photo opportunities he is presented with. 


Please get in touch if you have any queries or would like to discuss having items made to order for you.  Collaborations to achieve your vision are actively encouraged.

Email or Facebook messenger is the best way to make contact:-


Facebook - @gingerandteal (or search for Ginger and Teal)